Trading20Service202 - Business Consulting

In this complex business situation in world trade, one of the most important parts of international trade is the provision of business advice and services to respected businessmen in the country of origin or destination.

Rasha Tarabar is a must-have business knowledge with knowledge, experience and knowledge of international trade law, international trade terms (Incoterms) and local laws of the countries of trade.

Understanding the customs regulations and tariffs of the countries as well as the process of entry and exit of goods from the customs and investment process and attracting and supporting investors by the governments is a necessary business that Sepahan is ready to provide in such cases.

Some of the services are as follows:

Free Consultation in Commercial Affairs by Experts of Commercial and Customs Affairs in accordance with the latest Directives, Customs Regulations and Regulations of the country

Valid contract based on pre-invoice and information provided to calculate costs

Communicate shipping and clearance costs to business partners within2 4 hours