About us

Active in international shipping
Research International Transport Company was established in 1998 with registration number 10800116368 in central office and owns 50 trucks covered by international shareholders and 150 types of light and heavy trucks covered by inland road transport and terminal offices and branches in  Bazargan – Astara – Bashmaq – Taftan – Sarakhs – Pilesavar is active in international and domestic transportation affairs.

  • This company has a long track record in international freight transportation in all modes of transport (road, rail, sea and combined …) and with all the necessary permits from a competent and experienced logistics authority. , Packaging, Warehousing, and Customs, as well as having efficient dealerships at the main borders of the country, are ready to carry out all freight forwarding tasks.We are proud that over the years we have been able to provide customer satisfaction by providing timely and accurate service and accurate and up-to-date information on customer positioning

Management of the company

Ramin Milan

Position: CEO